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Gift Certificates

 Gift Certificates can be purchased for any one of our packages. Our packages are all-inclusive and will provide the recipient with the ultimate experience, without having to worry about additional costs.

1. This gift won't end up in the back of your closet.

We all have enough junk and clutter. When you give a gift certificate to Drive Rite Academy, you are not giving a materialistic object, but a valuable experience that will last a lifetime.

2. It’s educational and fun!

When you choose to give a gift certificate to Drive Rite Academy, you can rest assured that you are choosing a professional and reliable school. Our students are guaranteed to learn a lot while having fun at the same time.

3. It could save a life.

Drive Rite Academy prepares drivers to become safe, confident, and independent drivers that can tackle real-life situations. When you give a gift certificate to Drive Rite Academy, you are giving your loved one more independence and freedom, and equipping them with knowledge that they can use in the real world.


If you are still not convinced that a gift certificate to Drive Rite Academy makes the perfect gift, you can check out what other people have to say about our school on our yelp page. Once you purchase the gift certificate, it will be e-mailed instantly. The e-mail will include a code that the recipient can use to start scheduling their package on our online booking system. It’s as easy as that!

Click on the “Packages” tab on the top.

Please note, gift certificates are non-refundable.


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