Virtual Reality Driving

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Virtual Reality Driving Lessons

Take a trip around the city, without having to leave the office. A great place to start.

Learning to drive isn't easy, especially when taking your first spin means navigating the busy streets of a major city. In metropolitan areas, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among the ages of 15 -24.

To kick start your driving lifestyle, we now offer Virtual Reality Driving Lessons that give you very realistic driving experience without the risk of every other driver, and the curb. 

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We have created a specialty option for those who aren't ready to drive live:

  • Learn the basics of car safety
  • Learn how to navigate busy streets
  • Learn how to interact with pedestrians while behind the wheel
  • Learn defensive driving techniques
  • Drive in different environments and landscapes

Introducing our VR Driving Lessons

45 Minute VR Drive Time
  • 45 Minute Drive Lesson (45min)
  • Full Immersion VR Experience
  • Driving Instruction/Basics/Advanced
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