Refresher Lesson

Drive Confident Course

Take the wheel, and get extra instructor lead experience on the road.

We help a wide range of drivers of all backgrounds and experience, to become safer more confident drivers. We offer a custom- tailored driving confidence course to help address your own specific needs.

Our Typical Customers Include:

  • Post Accident – Those who have been involved in an accident and wish to take additional driver training to help address their anxieties, and give them back their control when driving.
  • Fear of Driving – Those that have developed a fear of driving for any reason, which they wish to address.
  • Needing to Drive More – Those that generally lack confidence in driving, and as part of their job (or any circumstance) need to drive more, and so want to arm themselves with increased skills and added confidence.
  • Lack of Confidence – For those that simply find themselves lacking in confidence.

Whatever your reasons, we have a team of caring, non-judgemental driving instructors who can help you, with a custom course designed perfectly around what you want.

Driving Confidence Course Content:

The courses do vary, based on your circumstances and situations. However, below is a range of things we typically cover:

    1. Forward planning and observation
    2. Anticipation
    3. Rules of the road
    4. Dealing with different weather conditions and adverse weather
    5. Advanced car control
    6. Speed awareness
    7. Dealing with road rage
    8. Nighttime driving

Recommended Confidence Driving classes

5 Hour Refresher Lesson Bundle 
  • Behind the wheel instruction.
  • 5 – 1 Hour Classes
10 Hour Refresher Lesson Bundle
  • Behind the wheel instruction.
  • 10 – 1 Hour Classes
15 Hour Refresher Lesson Bundle
  • Behind the wheel instruction.
  • 15 – 1 Hour Classes
20 Hour Refresher Lesson Bundle
  • Behind the wheel instruction.
  • 20 – 1 Hour Classes
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