Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons are perfectly designed to take you step-by-step towards perfection. With each driving lesson, you will learn all the related road rules and necessary skills to achieve the defined goal and get ready to move to the next stage.

Basic skills

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  • Strategic Maneuvering
  • Comprehensive Parking
  • 3 Point Turns
  • Left/Right Turns

Traffic Skills

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  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Where are Blind Spots

Building Experience

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  • Changing Road Conditions
  • Road Scanning
  • Intersection Rules
  • How to Signal

Driving Test Preparation

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  • Changing Road Conditions
  • Handling Road Rage
  • Proper Reactions
  • And Much More!

Continuous Assessment

After every single lesson you partake with us, you will gradually become a better and better driver. Our instructors make sure to document the entire lesson as it happens so that they are able to inform you of your skills and mistakes. These documentations are used each lesson so that the instructor would be able to work upon what you have trained in the previous lessons to ensure that not one mistake goes uncorrected.


145 Kenilworth Place Unit 1B Brooklyn New York 11210

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Prospect Heights

594 Dean Street # 1 Brooklyn New York 11238

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Staten Island

1567 Richmond Road Staten Island New York 10304

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108-12 72nd Ave Queens NY 11375

  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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Are you ready to embark on a journey towards becoming a top driver in New York? Drive Rite Academy, the premier NY driving school serving Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan, offers a comprehensive curriculum to help you get your NY driving license.

Here's a glimpse of What You'll Learn when you choose Drive Rite Academy:

1- Expert Driver Instruction: Our certified driving instructors are among the best in the industry, providing you with top-notch driver lessons.

2- Comprehensive Driver Education: Our driving courses cover all aspects of driving, from the fundamentals to advanced skills.

3- Preparation for the NY Road Test: We'll ensure you're fully prepared for the New York road test, guiding you through the entire process with our road test scheduling options. Schedule road test today!

4- Online Driving School Convenience:Our online driving school options allow you to learn at your own pace, right from your home, covering permit prep ,highway lessons,defensive driving course and the 5 Hour classes

5- Traffic School Benefits: Our 6 hour defensive driving course not only enhances your skills but also qualifies you for insurance discounts.

Our NY driving school is your trusted partner on the road to becoming a top driver. Don't wait – start your journey today with Drive Rite Academy, where excellence in driving education is our standard.

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