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By Simon

Drive Rite Academy knows that obtaining a new driver’s licensecan be overwhelming, whether your foreign driver’s license is expiring, or this is your first time receiving a license. That’s why we created the premier driving school in New York.We’ve done some research for you, and if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to driving the streets of New York.

For those who are coming of age to drive, locate your local DMV office where you will go to apply for your learner’s permit and take a written test. You must be 16 years of age to apply for a learner’s permit.We recommend calling ahead to make an appointment to avoid a long wait time. Make sure to bring you social security card and the necessary documentsto the NY DMV center near you. To be well-prepared for the written test, study the New York State Driver’s Manual and utilize practice tests. Study and practice will increase your confidence and test-taking skills. Drive Rite offers a two-hour class for any new drivers needing extra help to prepare for their written learner’s permit test.

After obtaining a learner’s permit, supervised driving sessions and a driver’s education or pre-licensing course NYC must be completed prior to the final driving and written tests. Our 5-hour pre-licensing course is perfect for those who haven’t yet taken a driver’s education course through school. The New York State’s Driver’s Manual proposes that each person have a total of 50 hours of driving practice to make sure they are safe and comfortable on the road, and 15 of those hours ought to be completed at night time. Drive Rite also recommends driving in a variety of conditions, traffic and road types, and weather, to best prepare you for the road.

If you already have a foreign driver license but are seeking a U.S. license, the process is similar with slight differences. You must first become a resident of New York State. The next steps include passing the aforementioned written test, attending a 5-hour pre-licensing courseNY, and successful completion of a driving test. Drive Rite’s knowledgeable, friendly staff is readily available to coach you through any testing or driving processes to ensure your application for a U.S. driver’s license is seamless and timely. Your success in our classrooms and on the road is our top priority.

These requirements might seem daunting at first, but Drive Rite Academy has taken everything into consideration. Our professional, experienced staff gives each client personalized instruction to match his or her needs and concerns. We employ patient driving instructors to put you at ease as you prepare for your driving test, and our 5-hour pre-licensing class is perfect for those whose foreign driver’s license is expiring soon. We even offer online courses! Each class is focused on creating an engaging and enjoyable experience in a professional and proven learning environment.

Those who are new to the driving world of the New York / New Jersey areas will receive the best preparation and education available through Drive Rite’s diverse class options.


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