Kensington Driving School

Kensington Driving School 11218

Drive Rite Academy provides driving school services in the Kensington neighborhood of Brooklyn. We pick you up!.

Our online booking system makes it fast and easy to schedule all of your lessons online, and we will pick you up and bring you right back home. Customer service at it's finest.

Recommended Beginner Packages

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  • 10 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment
  • 15 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment
  • 20 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment

Why Choose Drive Rite Academy

  1. We are able to assist anyone, regardless of where they start.Our certified driving instructors will help develop a customized driving lesson plan just for you. No two students are alike.
  2. Our driving lesson vehicles are modern, clean, and fitted with extra safety features (such as a double break) to keep you safe during your lesson. You can also use one for your road test!
  3. Our new online booking system allows you to quickly and easily schedule your lessons at your convenience. In addition, you are able to cancel*, move, and adjust your lessons based on your needs. Not only that! You can pick your instructor! (Based on availability)
About Drive Rite Academy We have been in business since 2014, providing high-quality drive school services to all of Brooklyn. Our students continue to dominate their road tests, and our group of amazing driving instructors only continues to grow.

About Kensington Driving Lessons

Kensington, with its friendly environment and proximity to Prospect Park, is a great place to enjoy driving lessons from the experienced instructors at Drive Rite Academy. And the area is getting more popular--not just for new residents, but also real estate developers and business owners.

The neighborhood has a 585-acre park that offers family-friendly fun to many local residents and visitors. Within walking distance, you also can find a lake and horseback riding stables. The local entrance to the park also leads to the Parade Grounds, which offers soccer and baseball fields, along with indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

The neighborhood has been changing in a positive way., with more space, parking lots and more people than before. There are many new services, restaurants and bars in the area and plenty of demand for them, with many young people in their 20s and 30s moving in.

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