Drive Rite NY at Ditmas Park

Midwood Brooklyn Driving School 11229

Get picked up in Ditmas Park for your driving lessons with Drive Rite Academy! 

Find the lesson time that is right for you, select your booking date & time, and we will pick you up and bring you right back home. Customer service at it's finest.

Recommended Beginner Packages

drive lessons nyc
  • 10 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment
  • 15 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment
  • 20 Driving lessons (45min)
  • 5 hour class (Pre-licensing course)
  • Car for the road test
  • Road test appointment

Why Choose Drive Rite Academy

  1. Our certified driving instructors will help develop a customized driving lesson plan just for you, as your skills develop. We are able to assist anyone, regardless of where they start.
  2. Our cars are modern, clean, and fitted with extra safety features (such as a double break) to keep you safe during your lesson.
  3. Our new online booking system allows you to quickly and easily schedule your lessons at your convenience. In addition, you are able to cancel*, move, and adjust your lessons based on your needs. Not only that! You can pick your instructor! (Based on availability)
About Drive Rite Academy We have been in business since 2014, providing high-quality drive school services to all of Brooklyn. Our students continue to dominate their road tests, and our group of amazing driving instructors only continues to grow.

About Ditmas Park Driving Lessons Driving anywhere in New York City, including Ditmas Park is far less stressful with a professional instructor helping you navigate the busy streets, and array of pedestrians. Learn about driving variables, how to avoid accidents, and be a courteous driver with Drive Rite's customized driving plans. Our students are able to move from easier traffic patterns to more complex roadways without having to drive too far from home! At Drive Rite academy, we are all about catering to our students and their specific needs. 

Drive Rite Academy services Ditrnas Park, an area of Flatbush that looks like a picturesque New England town. You can marvel at the many examples of early 20th-century Victorian architecture that are rare sights in other towns close to the city. If you want great entertainment, Ditmas Park is home to the Kings Theater, and several neighborhood spots are definitely foodie destinations. In addition, nearby attractions include Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. And this distinctive neighborhood also draws a lot of visitors to enjoy the historic homes of Prospect Park South and the Dutch Reform Church.

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