Brooklyn Driving Distractions

By Simon

Living in a big city can sometimes mean juggling many different things at once, including while driving. However, Brooklyn driving distractions can be very deadly. It is very important to not forget what you learned from your driving instructor: pay attention to the road. Follow these tips to avoid letting driving distractions get in the way of your driving:

No Cell Phones

Not only is it illegal to drive while using your cell phone,it is also extremely dangerous. Texting while driving is also illegal in New York. See our articleabout stricter penalties. Aside from being illegal, talking or texting while driving in Brooklyn takes your focus away from the road. It only takes a second for something to happen. When you look at your cell phone, it is the same as if you are driving while blindfolded. The best way to prevent an accident is to keep your attention focused at all times, which means absolutely no texting while driving. If you must make a call or text someone, pull over and do so safely.

Distracting Passengers

When you take your road test, your distractions are surely limited. Your main focus focusis passing your road test. It is easier to pay attention when your being judged on how well you are paying attention. However, when you fill your car with a bunch of friends, it is a different story. You might be more interested in their conversation than the road. This is why is a good idea to avoid having too many passengers in the car when you are starting to drive and have little experience. Be aware that more friends often equals more distractions.

No Eating or Drinking

Eating or drinkwhile driving can take your eyes away from the road for long enough that you don’t see whatshappening in front of you. Do your eating before or after you get behind the wheel. You’ll keep your car clean, and you will greatly reduce your risk for accidents.

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