Tougher Texting Penalties For New Drivers

By Simon


New Drivers Beware. Beginning November 1, the penalties in New York for texting while driving will be increased. The penalties apply to drivers who are 16 or 17 years old, and drivers who had had their license for six months or less.

The first offense will result in a suspended license for 120 days and up to a $200 fine.

A second violation within 6 months will result in a suspended license for one year and up to a $250 fine.

A third violation will result in an up to $450 fine.

According to the US Department of Transportation, young drivers have the highest amount of accidents on the road related to cell phone use.

Texting has become a very large part of modern society. However, texting while driving is a very dangerous habit that can cost lives. These new penalties may help deter new drivers from texting while behind the wheel.

Do you think that these new penalties are fair or too strict?

(Source: WHAM ABC13, Photo: drug

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