6 Things First Time Drivers Need Know

By Simon
Driving a car for the first time is an exciting milestone. It's also a goal to take seriously. When you get behind the wheel, you'll be in control of a massive machine. The following checklist explains what you need to know to be a safe driver.
  • Know How to Operate Your Car's Controls: You can eliminate a lot of first-time driver nervousness by being comfortable and familiarizing yourself with your car's interior features. Adjust the seat so that you're comfortable and at the right length for your feet to reach the brake and accelerator. Make sure you can see out of all mirrors and are confident using the signals, horn, and other features.
  • Know the Rules of the Road and Practice Them:It's important to understand what particular road signs and traffic devices mean. Furthermore, you should be familiar with proper lane usage. Use signals correctly, and become familiar with how to change lanes. Taking a class such as the 5 hour pre licensing course NY will teach you all the rules of the road you should know.
  • Know How to Rid Yourself of Distractions:One of the things the 5 hour pre licensing course NY stresses is to clear your mind and focus. In the beginning, only drive with one trusted adult. Some states have banned cell phone use by new drivers. If permitted, use a hands-free device. Learn how to use your car's Bluetooth system if it has one. Most importantly, never text and drive.
  • Know How to Maintain Proper Following Distance:When you're on the road, you should always be aware of the drivers around you. Maintain a following distance that will allow you to react. Use the 3-second rule. Watch the car in front of you pass a stationary object. It should be 3 seconds before you pass the same object. Additionally, look ahead as far as possible so you'll be prepared to react to sudden changes.  
  • Be Aware of Road Rage and How to Deal with It: Understand that road rage can have severe consequences. If another driver does something offensive, take a deep breath and maintain your cool. Ignore them or try to go another way. Don't anger others by cutting them off or following too closely.  
  • Know How Your Insurance Works: If you're a teen driver, ask for quotes for both a separate policy and as an addition to your parents' policy. Keep in mind that most insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who take an approved driver education course. Contact the Drive Rite Academyand learn about all their options for beginner driving lessons.
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