Beginner Driving Lessons

Practice makes perfect, and safety isn’t an option

For a beginner, learning how to drive may seem like an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. With the wrong instruction, it very well could be. At Drive Rite academy, we understand how it feels and that’s why we offer many packages that are perfectly suited for beginners that allow you to learn at your own pace. Our ten-lesson Gold Package, fifteen-lesson Chrome Package, and premium twenty-lesson Platinum package plans are great for students who’ve never had professional lessons behind the wheel before and who are serious about passing their road test and being safe on the road. Our DMV – certified instructors are extensively trained to work with even the most nervous of students, and they will  meticulously go over every detail with you, guiding you through the steps that you need to take as soon as you’re in the car and before you even put the key into the ignition. This includes everything from adjusting your mirrors, accessing the gas and brake pedals comfortably, to understanding the function and purpose of the symbols and gauges that you see on the dashboard. By the time you’ve finished your first lesson, you’ll be much more confident – and it only gets easier from there!

It’s never too late to learn how to driverite.


Drive Rite Academy is commited to the safety of all of our drivers.

However, we understand that our teen drivers need a comprehensive approach to driver training that will ensure they do not become one of the devastating driving statistics. We take our driving instruction seriously, and have the highest standards of testing.

Recommended Beginner Packages

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We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.

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