Discover the Best 5 Hour Course in Brooklyn 

Embark on your driving journey with our detailed guide to the 5 Hour Course in Brooklyn. Ideal for both new and experienced drivers, this course is a pivotal step towards becoming a proficient driver. In this article, we explore the nuances of our Five Hour Course, highlighting its significance and the comprehensive training it offers to every budding driver.

Why Choose Drive Rite Academy for the 5 Hour Course for Driving?

The 5 Hour Course for Driving is more than just a mandatory step towards getting your driver's license; it's a foundation for safe and responsible driving. This course, often referred to as the 5 Hour Pre Licensing Class, is designed by experts to cover essential topics that every driver needs to know. It's not just about passing the test; it's about cultivating a lifetime of safe driving habits.

What Does the 5 Hour Course DMV Compliant Class Entail? 

Our course, compliant with the 5 Hour Course DMV guidelines, covers a range of crucial topics:


       Road Safety Rules and Regulations

Understanding the traffic laws and regulations is pivotal. Our course offers an in-depth look at the dos and don'ts of driving


      Defensive Driving Techniques

Learn how to anticipate and effectively respond to various road situations, enhancing your safety and that of other road users.


       Handling Emergencies

Equip yourself with the knowledge to handle unexpected situations like tire blowouts, brake failures, and adverse weather conditions.


       Fuel Efficient Driving Practices

Discover techniques to maximize fuel efficiency, which is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly.

Interactive and Engaging Classroom Experience

Our Five Hour Class isn't your typical monotonous lecture. We provide an interactive environment where students are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions, and engage in simulations. This approach ensures that you absorb more information and can apply it practically when you hit the road.

Certification and Beyond 

Upon completing the 5 Hour Class, you'll receive a Pre-Licensing Course Certificate (MV-278), which is a requirement for scheduling your road test. But our commitment to you goes beyond this certificate. We offer guidance and support even after the course, ensuring you're fully prepared for real-world driving.

Why Brooklyn? The Perfect Backdrop for Learning 

Brooklyn, with its diverse driving scenarios, offers the ideal setting for a comprehensive driving course. From bustling city streets to quieter residential areas, you'll get a taste of various driving environments. This exposure is invaluable in building your confidence and adaptability on the road.

Enrolling in the 5-Hour Course: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Check Eligibility

Ensure you have a valid learner permit before enrolling.

Choose a Convenient Schedule

We offer flexible timings, including weekends, to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Register Online or In-Person

Our easy registration process is designed for your convenience.

Attend and Participate

Be prepared for an engaging and informative experience.

Receive Your Certificate

Proudly walk away with your MV-278 certificate upon successful completion of the 5 hour class. If you are near Brooklyn, you can put up your certificate. If not, no worries, we will mail you your certificate anywhere in New York!

Schedule your Road Test

With your 5 Hour Course Certificate, you are now able to schedule your road test, Don't forget to brush up your driving skills with some driving lessons!

Your Road to Responsible Driving Starts Here

Joining our 5-Hour Course in Brooklyn is your step towards embracing responsible, safe, and skillful driving. Our course is tailored to equip you with the necessary knowledge and confidence for a lifetime of safe driving. Start your journey with us today and unlock the freedom of the open road.


must register online

  • To ensure class size you must register online
  • No walk-ins allowed at this time
Register now

Receiving Certificates

  • You may choose to have your certificate mailed out anywhere within the US for a $5 fee (1-2 week wait time)
  • Alternatively, you are able to pickup your certificate from 594 Dean Street, Office 1, Brooklyn, NY 11238 during office hours. Please check Google for our most up to date Office Hours.

Fees & Options


Course Fee

Duplicate Certificates

Did you lose your certificate and need a replacement?

Remember your certificate expires one year from the original date of issuance

We recommend at every class that you take a picture of your certificate, if you did you can show up to any 5-Hour Course with that picture, your permit, $25, and a duplicate can be issued.

Please call 718-928-7048

If you did not take a picture, we will need you to provide the following:

  • Your Name
  • Location of the class
  • Date of the class

Request Now

What documents do I need?

A Plastic Photo NY Learners Permit Card

If you have not received your plastic photo learners permit card in the mail (takes about 2 weeks), you can use the paper learners permit with New York State Identification issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles. New York State Identification can be a state Id card, expired drivers license, or an expired learners permit.

Disclaimer: You are not permitted to take the course with only the Interim Permit. US Passports or Greencards are not accepted documents by the NYS DMV.


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Drive Rite Academy offers comprehensive 5 Hour Classes 5 Hour Classes, necessary for driver training and acing your driving license test

Enroll today for online driver ed and easy road test scheduling! Our online driving school has you covered, whether you’re in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, or Long Island.

Why Choose Our Driving School’s 5 Hour Course?

1- Comprehensive Driver Training: Our 5 hour class curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to cover all the essential aspects of safe and defensive driving through our driver instruction. All of our driving packages include the 5 Hours Class and driver lessons.

2- Online Driver Ed: No need to rush to a physical location; your driving education is at your fingertips, with guidance from our expert driving instructor.

Road Test Scheduling Made Easy: Securing a spot for your driving license test can be challenging. This driving school helps you schedule road test. after the mandatory 5 hours class is finished to help you get your ny driver license. Your Guide to Brooklyn's Essential 5-Hour Driving Course Introduction Explore our 5-Hour Course in Brooklyn, perfect for new and seasoned drivers aiming to enhance their driving skills. This article provides an overview of what our Five Hour Course offers. About the 5-Hour Driving Course This essential course, also known as the 5 Hour Pre Licensing Class, covers crucial driving principles. It's more than a step towards your license; it's a foundation for lifelong safe driving. Key Elements of the Course Our DMV-compliant course includes: Traffic Law Education: In-depth understanding of road rules. Defensive Driving Techniques: Proactive strategies for safer driving. Emergency Situations: Handling unexpected road scenarios. Eco-Driving: Learning fuel-efficient driving habits. Driving Ethics: Promoting responsible driving behavior. Interactive Learning Approach Expect an engaging, discussion-based class, encouraging active participation and practical learning. Certificate and Beyond Complete the course to receive your Pre-Licensing Course Certificate (MV-278) and gain ongoing support for real-world driving. Why Learn in Brooklyn? Brooklyn's varied driving environments offer the ideal setting for a comprehensive driving education. Enrolling in the Course Check Eligibility: Have your learner permit ready. Flexible Scheduling: Choose a time that suits you, including weekends. Simple Registration: Sign up online or in person. Engage and Learn: Enjoy an interactive educational experience. Get Certified: Earn your MV-278 certificate confidently. Conclusion Our 5-Hour Course in Brooklyn equips you with the skills for safe, responsible driving. Join us for a transformative learning experience.

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