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Receiving Certificates

  • You may choose to have your certificate mailed out anywhere within the US for a $5 fee (1-2 week wait time)
  • Alternatively, you are able to pickup your certificate from 594 Dean Street, Office 1, Brooklyn, NY 11238 during office hours. Please check Google for our most up to date Office Hours.

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Duplicate Certificates

Did you lose your certificate and need a replacement?

Remember your certificate expires one year from the original date of issuance

We recommend at every class that you take a picture of your certificate, if you did you can show up to any 5-Hour Course with that picture, your permit, $25, and a duplicate can be issued.

Please call 718-928-7048

If you did not take a picture, we will need you to provide the following:

  • Your Name
  • Location of the class
  • Date of the class

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What documents do I need?

A Plastic Photo NY Learners Permit Card

If you have not received your plastic photo learners permit card in the mail (takes about 2 weeks), you can use the paper learners permit with New York State Identification issued from the Department of Motor Vehicles. New York State Identification can be a state Id card, expired drivers license, or an expired learners permit.

Disclaimer: You are not permitted to take the course with only the Interim Permit. US Passports or Greencards are not accepted documents by the NYS DMV.


  • 5-Hour Course
  • Defensive Driving Course
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145 Kenilworth Place Unit 1B Brooklyn New York 11210

  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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Prospect Heights

594 Dean Street # 1 Brooklyn New York 11238

  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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Staten Island

1567 Richmond road staten island new york 10304

  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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  • Driving Lessons
  • Refresher Lessons
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Drive Rite Academy offers comprehensive 5 Hour Classes, necessary for driver training and acing your driving license test

Enroll today for online driver ed and easy road test scheduling! Our online driving school has you covered, whether you’re in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, or Long Island.

Why Choose Our Driving School’s 5 Hour Course?

1- Comprehensive Driver Training: Our 5 hour class curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to cover all the essential aspects of safe and defensive driving through our driver instruction. All of our driving packages include the 5 Hours Class and driver lessons.

2- Online Driver Ed: No need to rush to a physical location; your driving education is at your fingertips, with guidance from our expert driving instructor.

Road Test Scheduling Made Easy: Securing a spot for your driving license test can be challenging. This driving school helps you schedule road test. after the mandatory 5 hours class is finished to help you get your NY driver license.

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