Teen Driving Lessons

Practice makes perfect, and safety isn’t an option

According to the CDC, teen drivers between the ages of 16 – 19 are three times more likely to get into fatal car accidents than any other age group. Males are more likely to get into accidents than females, and the likelihood increases if they have teenagers with them in the car or if they have just obtained a license. Teen drivers are usually looked at as the most dangerous drivers. That is why the DMV recommends at least 30 hours of driving before taking the road test and they do not give much leway to them during their road test. Teenagers crave independence, and one of the first steps towards adulthood is obtaining their license so this privilege must be taken seriously. This is why we work with teen drivers intensively, and our instructors are trained to teach them not only the basics of the road, but also about the responsibility that they hold towards themselves and others when it comes to driving. From learning about the most common distractions that they face while driving to teaching teenagers about what can happen if they text and drive, our instructors ensure that teenagers strive to be the best and most attentive drivers that they can be, anytime they happen to be behind the wheel.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your child!


Drive Rite Academy is commited to the safety of all of our drivers.

However, we understand that our teen drivers need a comprehensive approach to driver training that will ensure they do not become one of the devastating driving statistics tied to teen drivers. We take our driving instruction seriously, and have the highest standards of testing.

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