Teen Driving Lessons

Practice makes perfect, and safety isn’t an option

If you are under age 18 and have a Class DJ permit, you must have 50 supervised driving practice hours. You must also have at least 15 hours of night driving. These hours must be certified by your parent or guardian if you are under 18, by filling out the MV – 262 form. The DMV recommends taking courses from a professional driving school.  It is also recommended to have supervised practice driving in moderate to heavy traffic conditions.

You must bring the MV – 262 form (Certification of Supervised Driving) to the road test with you. It must be completed by your parent, guardian, or driving school instructor to certify that you have had the required hours of supervised practice driving.

We have created a specially tailored driving lesson package for teens:

  • 50 hours of driving lessons
  • 5 hour pre-licensing course
  • Road Test Appointment and car rental, (with free second try if you don’t pass the first time – but we know you will!)
  • Price: $2,675


If you schedule a package with us, we will schedule your road test appointment. If you pass your road test, the license examiner normally gives you an interim driver license that is valid for 90 days. Keep the interim driver license with your learner permit as proof that you have a driver’s license.


Book online or call us to schedule a driving course for your teen. We are happy to customize a program to fit your needs and ensure the driver is prepared for the road.

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Nothing is more important than the safety of your child!


Drive Rite Academy is commited to the safety of all of our drivers.

However, we understand that our teen drivers need a comprehensive approach to driver training that will ensure they do not become one of the devastating driving statistics tied to teen drivers. We take our driving instruction seriously, and have the highest standards of testing.

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We provide a reputable and professional service that aims to give you the confidence to pass your road test and drive safely on the roads.


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