Course Curriculum

Section Content
  • Introduction
Unit 1
Post-Crash Procedures
  • Lesson Overview
    • Post-Crash Procedures
Unit 2
Other Emergency Procedures
  • Lesson Overview
    • Other Emergency Procedures
Unit 3
Vehicle Orientation
  • Lesson Overview
    • Vehicle Orientation
Unit 4
Pre-Trip, Enroute, and Post-Trip Inspection
  • Lesson Overview
    • Pre-Trip, Enroute, and Post-Trip Inspection
Unit 5
  • Lesson Overview
    • Fueling
Unit 6
  • Lesson Overview
    • Idling
Unit 7
Baggage and/or Cargo Management
  • Lesson Overview
    • Baggage and/or Cargo Management
Unit 8
Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing
  • Lesson Overview
    • Passenger Safety Awareness Briefing
Unit 9
Passenger Management
  • Lesson Overview
    • Passenger Management
Unit 10
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
  • Lesson Overview
    • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
Unit 11
Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements
  • Lesson Overview
    • Hours of Service (HOS) Requirements
Unit 12
Safety Belt Safety
  • Lesson Overview
    • Safety Belt Safety
Unit 13
Distracted Driving
  • Lesson Overview
    • Distracted Driving
Unit 14
Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings and Drawbridges
  • Lesson Overview
    • Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings and Drawbridges
Unit 15
Weigh Stations
  • Lesson Overview
    • Weigh Stations
Unit 16
Security and Crime
  • Lesson Overview
    • Security and Crime
Unit 17
Roadside Inspections
  • Lesson Overview
    • Roadside Inspections
Unit 18
Penalties and Fines
  • Lesson Overview
    • Penalties and Fines
Post Test
  • Overview
  • Post Test
  • Passenger Endorsement Course Information for FMCSA submission
  • Certificate of Completion

ELDT - Passenger Endorsement Course Course (Testimonials)

I recently completed the ELDT Passenger Endorsement course offered by this driving school. Despite the lack of instructors, the course content was well-structured and easy to navigate, with a strong focus on passenger safety. The self-paced online format allowed me to balance my studies with a busy schedule. I now feel confident and well-prepared for a successful career in passenger transport. Highly recommended for flexible and comprehensive training.

James S

The ELDT Passenger Endorsement course was a valuable experience, even without instructors. The course materials were comprehensive and well-organized, emphasizing passenger safety. The self-paced online format offered convenience, although I missed direct instructor interaction. I feel well-prepared to excel in passenger transport roles after completing the course.

Louis M

Kudos to this driving school for offering the self-directed ELDT Passenger Endorsement course online. Despite the absence of instructors, the course content was well-structured, ensuring a smooth learning process. Comprehensive coverage of passenger safety and management left me well-prepared for success. I now have the knowledge and confidence to safely transport passengers in my career. This course is an excellent choice for those seeking flexible and thorough training.

Michael R


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