Recommended New Driver Training

New Drivers faced with that task of earning a drivers license most people have no idea where to start. Outside of being able to name a few parts of the car (windshield, tires, bumper, side looky backy mirror thingy), some people have absolutely zero experience with...

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Top 10 Brooklyn Driving Truths

Brooklyn is a unique place to live, work and, especially, drive. Driving anywhere in New York City—in any of the boroughs—can be a challenge. But Brooklyn is almost a country within a country. And some specific rules apply here. Let’s start with some basic Brooklyn...

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The Risk of Drowsy Driving

The issue of drowsy driving is important for those learning how to get drivers license. Getting behind the wheel and operating a motor vehicle while tired is a major problem in the United States. Unfortunately, young and new drivers are some of those who are most...

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