Whats Difference Sports Coach Driving Instructor

By Simon
Learning how to drive a car isn’t the same thing as learning how to play a sport.  That’s why you’ll find so many differences between sport’s coaches and driving instructors at our driving schools in Brooklyn NY.  There are three major differences that we’ve found in our instructors that help make better drivers. We hope you appreciate these differences as much as we do!
  • Lower Volume
    • No one can really learn when it feels like there’s a megaphone in their ear, and that’s something that Drive Rite takes seriously. Football coaches are known for their passion and volume, and there are many people who view a screaming coach as a means of motivation to improve performance. But when you’re trying to figure out how to parallel-park in a high-pressure environment, yelling and screaming doesn’t work. The qualified driving instructors at Drive Rite Academy are trained to remain calm, and to help students in these high pressure-situations to find a solution to the problems that they will face out on the road.
  • More Patience
    • When you first start learning a new skill, you might need to go over the basics more than once. We don’t expect our new drivers to have all of the information they need to take their licensing test after the first day.  We work with you on any of the skills you might need some extra help with, whether it’s learning how to gently brake or practicing your three-point turns. It takes time to break bad habits or incorrect techniques that may have been picked up through movies, TV, or other drivers around you. Unlike a swim coach, we don’t need to break any records. We just want to get you comfortable and ready to take on your driving test, but to prepare at your own speed.
  • Personal Attention
    • At soccer practice, everyone will have to do the same drills and run the same laps, even though they all play different positions. At Drive Rite, we know that everyone learns in different ways, using different techniques. Our driving instructors are knowledgeable in many different teaching techniques to ensure that each student, in the way they learn best, leaves prepared with all of the necessary information that will keep them safe on the road. Making sure that the lessons stick is our top priority.
Make sure that you entrust your child to a professional driving instructor that is unmatchable in patience and encouragement. Save coaching for the field, and teaching for the road. At our driving schools in Brooklyn NY, we pride ourselves on our helpful, understanding instructors.  Call us today and set up a lesson to see the Drive Rite difference!
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