Tips Driving Safely Windy Conditions

By Simon
The wind often blows extremely hard in parts of New England, around the Great Lakes and in Montana, where the average wind speed is seven meters per second. However, across much of the Southwestern United States, the average wind speed is less than four meters per second. Regardless of where you roam, it can be extremely difficult to keep control of your automobile when the wind is blowing. Use these tips to maintain safe control of your car in windy conditions. Keep Both Hands on the Wheel It is always a good idea to keep both hands on the wheel, but it is essential if you are driving in windy conditions. A driving school Bronx NY would advise you to place your left hand at the nine o'clock position and your right hand at the three o'clock position. This allows you to maintain maximum control of the automobile. Be Aware While you should use your mirrors to spot other traffic around you, keeping an eye out is essential when you are driving in windy conditions. While you do not want to take your eyes off the road ahead of you for long, knowing when a semi-trailer or a vehicle pulling a trailer is approaching helps when it is windy. These vehicles often have more trouble with the wind, so give them plenty of room. Slow Down While driving the speed limit will help you avoid a ticket, it is especially important to not drive over the speed limit when it is windy. A driving school Bronx NY can give you great tips on wind safety, including going a few miles under the speed limit to give yourself more time to react. Watch for Falling Objects It is more likely that an object will fall into the roadway when it is windy. Pickups are more likely to lose things out of the back of the truck when the wind blows. Therefore, you need to always be alert for the potential of something unexpected ending up in the roadway and be prepared to stop quickly. The instructors at Drive Rite Academy remind you that it can take up to 720 feet to stop a car that is traveling at 70 miles per hour. Those same instructors can help you drive safely in the wind by keeping control of your vehicle and giving others around you plenty of space in case they lose control of theirs.
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