Teen Behind The Wheel

By Simon
You may have a teenager who is in the process of learning how to drive. Surely, you aren’t the only parent going through this. Many adults are nervous when letting their teen take the wheel. It’s very important to act appropriately and stay calm while riding as a passenger in the car when your teen is driving. On this note, it’s also very important to have your teen attend a driving school if you do not feel completely comfortable teaching them. Here are some tips on how to behave appropriately while in the car with a minor:

Be calm

One of the most important parts of driving is learning from your mistakes. You may see your teen make certain mistakes, but don’t point it out right away; let them figure it out by themselves. Stay calm and trust him/her to figure things out on their own. Let them be responsible for what they need to do, and stay calm by taking deep breaths.

Support your teen

It’s okay to make mistakes. If your teen feels guilty of making mistakes, support them by telling them it’s okay and making mistakes is how you learn. Help your teen out whenever you can while riding in the car and answer any questions you can to help them get better at driving.

Be aware of your body language

This refers back to staying calm. Make sure not to make any noises or gestures that may distract the driver - they need full attention on the road. Even if you are building tension and are worrying about the ride, try to stay as calm as possible in order for your driver to do the best they can. These steps can help create a better driving environment for your teen to do better. Safe driving!
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