Signaling Driving Brooklyn

By Simon
It is very important to use turn signals when driving in Brooklyn. They help you communicate with other drivers. You should use turn signals every time you make a turn or change lanes. This helps you communicate with other drivers and pedestrians on the road. The more often you do this, the more you will get used to it and start using it everyday and better your driving and safety. You should usually turn your signals on far  ahead, not mid turn, in order to warn other people what you are about to do. Signaling does not only help you communicate with others, but it is required in New York State. Not following this law can weaken your driving skills and create vigilance problems. Although, if you notice someone has their turn signal on, don’t prepare for them to make a definite turn. If you want to go a certain direction and you see a car coming from another direction with the turn signal on, don’t assume they are making a turn. Wait for them to make a turn and make sure the area is clear, then go whichever direction you needed to go. It may be the case that they turned it on by accident, or they changed their mind about turning. Keep notice of the car itself, not just the light, to prevent dangerous situations. Use turn signals to help keep a safe driving environment!
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