Quick Primer Car Maintenance First Time Car Owners

By Simon
Keeping the car well maintained is the first tenet of safe driving! First-time car owners aren’t aware of their responsibilities towards the condition of their cars. And it results in breakdown, punctures and other maintenance-related issues that could have been avoided easily with a bit of pre-emptive maintenance. Here is some simplified, but very important, info on basic car maintenance from experts at Drive Rite Academy:

Get the Oil Changed Regularly

The oil and fluids must be changed after travelling 3000 to 7000 miles, depending on the car and its manufacturer recommendations. Keep checking the engine oil using the dipstick to ensure that it hasn’t fallen below safe levels. Replenish it immediately if that is indeed the case. If the oil seems to have turned into a sticky sludge, change it. Clean oil, maintained at the proper levels gives good mileage and keeps the engine running.

Take Care of the Tires

Make sure that the tires are right size for the car. Check them occasionally for treads and replace them if they seem worn out. Get the tire pressure checked and wheels aligned at least once a month, or more depending how often you use the car. Remember, a healthy set of tires delivers better fuel economy and handling resulting in a pleasant driving experience.

Protect Your Battery

The car’s battery will not last forever. But with proper care and timely maintenance, you can enhance its performance significantly. Regularly clean the cables and terminals of the cars battery. It’s easy to do it yourself: just disconnect the cables and use a wire brush to clean them. A mixture of warm water and baking soda can help clean up the sediments.

Drive Sensibly

How you drive the car also has an effect on its life and performance. So keep your driving habits in check. Don’t accelerate too fast or too much, allow the engine to catch up between gear changes, don’t abuse the brake pedal and simply don’t develop destructive driving habits. Better driving habits are not only recommended because of better road safety but also because they lead to well-maintained cars.

Take periodic services seriously

Find a dependable car service shop near you. Ask around for recommendations for those. Once you have a reliable car mechanic in sight, take the car to them on regular intervals for overall maintenance tasks. The car’s manual should guide you on what needs to be done and how often. No need to listen to the service shop on this one! Are you a novice driver? Looking for state-of-the-art drivers’ education in New York? The Drive Rite Academy brings you the opportunity to work with experienced driving instructions. Learn more about our services.
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