Qualities Good Driving Instructor

By Simon

Finding a dependable, qualified driving instructor is a cause to celebrate, especially if they take the time out to really listen to and guide learners, young and old!

No, we are not exaggerating. Ask anyone who has been looking around at various driving schools in NY and you will see how rare it is to find an instructor with good interpersonal skills and teaching prowess.

Here is a list of all the qualities that differentiate an amazing driving instructor from an average one:

1.     Know How to Take an Initiative

The secret to every amazing teacher is that they don’t really follow a book of procedures and find unique teachable moments. They spot issues with learning, attitude, and actions and promptly correct them as and when these arise. A good driving teach takes initiative and also teaches their students to do the same. They don’t mind curiosity in their learners and responsibly answer all questions asked of them.

2.     Adaptable and Flexible

Excellent driving teachers make user that learning is fun. They use a variety of instructions methods, presenting the student with diverse learning opportunities. The teacher’s ultimate aim is to enhance learning leading to more immersed learning. They will cater and respond to student’s needs and readily discuss the pertinent issues and answer questions for students.

3.     Excellent Communication Skills

A competent driving instructor is capable of changing their instructions and style to better suit the student’s learning needs. This requires an excellent communication skill set. They will lead by example and teach with examples, in a way that makes it all easier to understand and retain for the long haul.

And more importantly, a good teacher is approachable and friendly. More so they have confidence in their driving and teaching skills to increase the learner’s confidence.

4.     Patient and Wise

If a learner doesn’t drive the way they are supposed to in the initial attempt, their instructors must be patient enough to repeat the lesson in different ways until it registers. We are all wired differently, and what appeals to one may not be understandable for another. This is why it is important for the teacher to be in possession of various teaching methods to teach according to the learner’s ability. In addition to having prowess over the entire driving test process, they must also have the expertise and experience in dealing with diverse teaching situations.

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