Prepare Car Winter

By Simon


  • Driving in the winter is no easy task. Visibility is poor and there are many factors such as snow, sleet, and ice. These conditions will negatively alter your driving abilities. Just as we prepare for the winter by putting on warmer clothing, your car needs special attention to get through winter as well.


  • Always check the weather in the morning to be prepared for the day ahead. Knowing is half the battle. Check your vehicles lights. Be sure that the front and rear lights, the fog lights, and the hazard lights work properly.


  • Visit a mechanic and make sure that the brakes, heater, windshield defrosters, battery, and thermostat are in good condition. If your vehicle does not have snow tires, have the mechanic put them on.


  • In the winter, windshield wiper fluid may freeze. Consider replacing it with fluid that is meant to stay liquid in freezing temperatures. On a related note, replace your usual windshield wipers with a pair that is meant to cut through snow and ice.


  • Wash the underside and wheel arches of your car every week, as road salt will have adverse effects on your vehicle’s paint, and may even lead to corrosion on the metalwork underneath the car.


  • Always have an ice scraper and shovel in your vehicle. Clean off the snow and ice off your roof, hood, windows, and lights every time you go to drive somewhere. It is tedious but well worth it if it means your safety and the safety of others will be higher.
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