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Drive Rite is committed to community involvement, in any way possible. We strive to serve the people of New York and the people who need us the most. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

  • Custom Driving Lessons (For Job Training)
  • Insurance Discounts for Business Operations
  • Custom Curriculum for Life Skills Learning
  • Driving Instructors with Flexible Schedules
  • Compassionate and Respectful Employees


We are happy to accommodate your employees or clients by picking them up, or scheduling special hours.

Beginner Courses

Our driving instructors are trained to assist people in obtaining their license, and ensuring their safety.

Permit Courses

Our 5 hour pre-licensing course is now offered online for your convenience. 

Fleet Training

Ensure your employees are well versed in their driving ability with our refresher driving courses.

Defensive Driving

Our online 6-hour defensive driving course is NY approved for point reduction and insurance discounts.


Getting your drivers license can be a life-changing event, both personally and professionally. We have turn key solutions to help people achieve this goal. It’s well within reach, and the start of a great future.

  • 5 Hour Pre Licensing
  • Basic Driving Lessons
  • Highway Driving Lessons
  • Road Test Services
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All lessons can be customized to meet the needs of the organization. Driver report cards can be requested at any time.

Basics of Driving

This single lesson is 45 minutes long and is designed to help people assess their own skills and need for additional lessons. The driver will receive a report card on their abilities.


Refresher Classes

Refresher Classes are designed for those who have already received their license, but may not have a lot of road experience. The additional instruction mitigates future risk.


Road Test Appointments

For your convenience, our road test services come in three levels of expediency; standard (6-8 weeks), rush (3-4 weeks), and super rush (less than one week). Contact us today to discuss your needs.

$25 – $100 – $150

Driving Lesson Packages

All driving packages include lessons, the 5 hour course, a car for the road test, and a road test appointment. Determine how many hours each student needs based on their personal abilities, fears, and knowledge base.

Starting at $245

Affordable, Convenient, Safe

Our goal is to teach safe driving practices to ensure the safety of our students, and the community of people who share our roads.

Modern Cars & Courses

Our cars are equipped with safety breaks, modern features, and classy branding. Our courses are up to date, sophisticated, engaging, and fun.

A Team Who Cares

Our instructors take their jobs very seriously, and know that what they convey to their students will be with them forever. No skills are left untested.


Our Driving School is not only New York State Approved, but it is also ranked amongst the best driving school in New York. Our close affiliations with the state keep us up to date with any new changes, rules, regulations, or course requirements for our students.


Learning to drive is not only a liberating confidence booster, it is also a gateway to new careers and opportunities.

  • Building Personal Confidence
  • Enhancing Employment Opportunity
  • Earning a Life Long Skill
  • An Attainable Goal For Everyone


“I took more lessons than other students normally would, because I don’t have any other access to a car to practice driving outside of lessons.

The instructors have consistently been highly professional, and wonderfully patient. I imagine they have nerves of steel to deal with student drivers all day! One of my favorites was Raheem, who taught me one of my first classes. He has a great sense of humor and manner that puts you at ease. My absolute savior behind the wheel, though, has got to be Nick! I can’t say enough good about him. He instills you with confidence and self-esteem and explains the mental work beyond simple muscle memory that goes into being a safe driver. He’s the perfect kind of teacher: the kind that makes you want to succeed!

Now that I’ve passed my road test, I look forward to returning to DriveRite to take my highway lessons!“

Robin Pomatto

We work with Several city agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations across the 5 boroughs. We help drive NYC!

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