New Drivers Ensure Safety Car

By Simon

Cars are a big investment, no doubt about that! But they are even more precious and have sentimental value for young drivers and first time car owners. Old or young, car owners are heartbroken if their vehicles get stolen.

Our driving experts at Drive Rite Academy have put together an extensive list of thing that can be done to ensure the safety and security of a car. And we provide driving lessons in Manhattanand Brooklyn.

Protect and Secure Your Car

New cars are usually sold with built-in security alarms. But if you have on older car, it is easy and affordable to get an alarm professional fitted into your car. Not only does it help protect your car from theft, but also helps secure cheaper car insurance.

Immobilizers are tiny, but very useful gadgets that prevent the car from being started if the wrong key is used. These are also a good investment. And in case you have a brand new, or a particularly valuable car, it is a good idea to invest in a tracking system. It uses a transmitter to send the location of the car to the owner’s smartphone, helping keep track of it at all times.

And lastly, cars with the seven digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched in the windows lights and mirrors are less likely to get stolen. Thieves simply find getting rid of these features time-consuming and costly.

Ensure the Protection of the Car Keys At All Times

It is stated that nearly 70% of all car thieves succeed because they have access to car keys. So keep them safe, out of sight and in a secure pocket or bag. Keeping them in clear sight, even at home, isn’t a very smart idea.

Pick Your Parking Spot Carefully

Find a well-lit spot in a busy area with foot traffic. It is even better to park in a designated car park with an attendant or a paid barrier. If parking near home or in a residential area, utilize the garage or driveway. A car is more likely to be stolen when parked on the street.

Don’t Have Your Valuables Out For Everyone to See

Car thieves are opportunists. And by displaying bags, wallets, smartphones, etc. on the dashboard, you are giving them an opportunity to come after your car. So keep it all out of sight. If there are things in your car you won’t be carrying with you, keep them in the boot.

Are you a young driver with more concerns and queries? Would you like to talk to a professional driving instructorand get the help you need to become a better driver? Schedule an appointmentnow.

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