Mirror, Mirror On Your Car

By Carrie
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Never underestimate the importance of your car's driving mirrors. There's a reason driving instructors stress using them at all times. And the experienced driving instructors at Drive Rite Academy are no different. They all place an emphasis on knowing and using your mirrors in all their lessons.

To start with, remember that your side and rear-view mirrors are essential to your safety (and the safety of other drivers). Without them, you would only be able to view a small slice of the roadway at a time. Develop the habit of glancing from side to side and upwards every few seconds.


Before you start driving, always adjust your side and rearview mirrors so that you have clear visibility in each of them. Here’s how.


  • First, sit in the driver's seat and make sure you're comfortable and can reach the gear shifter, brake pedal and accelerator. Then, maneuver the rear-view mirror so that you can see directly out of the middle of your back windshield without moving your head.
  • Then, find the levers or buttons that adjust the side mirrors. Adjust the driver's side mirror first. Then sit back in your seat and make sure you can see the road behind you and a small piece of the side of your car.
  • Next, adjust your passenger side mirror. After all mirrors are to your liking, sit in your driver's seat and look into each mirror, starting with the driver's side mirror. Be sure you can see everything behind you in segments as you glance along.
  • Now that your mirrors are set, here are some tips for using those mirrors properly.
  • Instructors--especially those at Drive Rite Academy--will tell you to constantly scan your mirrors while you drive. A good balance is to look at each mirror every five seconds, starting with your driver's side mirror.
  • Also, your mirrors are key to proper parallel parking. Be sure to use all three when trying to squeeze your car into that especially tricky parking space.
  • In summary, your mirrors are your friends. Use them often and wisely to stay safe on the road.
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