Keeping Car Well Maintained Keeps Safe Road

By Simon
Driving safety starts at home with regular maintenance and inspections of your car. Before getting behind the wheel, there are a number of simple checks any driver can make inside and outside of the vehicle as well as under the hood. Taking the time to make these checks, adjustments, and inspections as you hone your driving skills will help keep you and other drivers safe while on the road. The pre licensing course NYC offered at Drive Rite Academy makes your safety as a driver a priority. Quality driving courses aim to teach you skills behind the wheel while providing education about basic vehicle maintenance. Some of the key points covered as part of a comprehensive driver’s training course may include information about how to keep your vehicle in top working order. Here are a couple of things to think about before you hit the road. Wiper Blades A hard rain blows in while you’re on the highway and visibility decreases. You turn on your wipers only to discover that the rubber wiper blades are in poor condition and don’t work. This scenario doesn’t have to happen this way. By checking the wiper blade performance at home before driving, you can ensure that visibility will not be a problem in a rainstorm. Be sure to examine wiper blades for cracks and tears that could signal it’s time for a new set. While you’re at it, pop the hood and check the levels on your wiper fluid. Keeping the reservoir full will ensure that you can keep the windshield clean when the driving gets messy. Tire Pressure As the weather o26utside changes from hot summer days to cold winter nights, the air pressure in your tires also changes. Air molecules become denser in cold weather, causing your tire pressure to decrease. The opposite happens in hot weather as the heat lowers density in the air molecules and air pressure within the tire increases. A simple check with a tire pressure gauge can tell you if you need to add or release air to keep your tires at their optimal levels. Over-inflated tires can rupture, and under-inflated tires create instability. You can prevent both of these problems by inspecting your tire pressure on a regular basis. The ideal recommended tire pressure on an automobile is typically between 30 and 35 PSI. Students at Drive Rite Academy pre licensing course NYC learn these basics of vehicle maintenance and safety and more during their classes. Teaching and empowering new drivers to be safe on the road is always a top priority.
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