Interested Passing Car Next Heres Right

By Simon
The art of overtaking or passing on other drivers is a quintessential part of driving on a country road. But many drivers carefully pass others on highways and even NY roads. However, a majority of American drivers now avoid passing others, even though it is perfectly legal and acceptable when done correctly. The reason may be a fear of traffic cameras, road rage and even being afraid of testing the car to the fullest of its abilities. Whatever the reason may be, a huge number of people are okay to be moving along at a snail's pace behind other slow-moving traffic. Here is a quick primer on how you can make the pass, respectfully.

Passing Vehicles: According To DMV!

New York law mandates that individuals drive on the right hand side of a road. So passing other vehicles occurs on the left. The only way you will not be penalized for passing from the right, is if it was absolutely necessary for safety. While passing, do not exceed the speed limit and continue to maintain your distance from hazards. If it’s a motorcycle you are passing, give it just as much leeway, i.e. full lane width, as you would to other vehicles. And of course, put those indicators to use. The turn signal must be use at least 100 feet or 30 meters before changing lanes. And finally, you are not allowed to pass a car that has stopped at crosswalk to let a pedestrian across.

What to Do If You Are Being Passed

If another car gives the signal that it is passing you on the left, let them do so graciously. Slow down, and stay to the right. When the car has safely passed, it’s time to get back to normal speed and continue on your way.

Give Space Where Possible

Cyclists, bikers, car drivers, and pretty much anyone who shares the road with you deserve consideration. So don’t just cut straight away; give ample time and appropriate signals before you start to make the move. If the driver you are about to pass, is going excruciatingly slow, it’s likely that they are anxious drivers or simply don’t want to let you pass only to ‘prove a point’. So stay on the lookout for symptoms of road rage and stay out of trouble! Here at Drive Rite Academy, we offer comprehensive driving lessons in Brooklyn NY. Click here to schedule a driving lessonin Brooklyn or get in touch with us to learn more about our services!
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