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By Simon
If you have ever made an illegal turn or sped past a speed limit sign, chances are that you have a traffic ticket to confirm your misconduct, accompanied by points on your license. The number of points on your license is directly proportional to the nature of the driving offence. The DMV website details the number of points given for traffic violations. And any self-respecting driver is worried about these!

What Do The Points Mean?

The Driver Violation Point System is an effective way for the NY DMV to identify and penalize high-risk drivers. Points on to your license lead to surcharges and court fines along with a number of other fees. The amount for all these depends on how big a number of points you have amassed. If you get 11 points, all within 18 months, your driver license can be suspended. It is also very likely that your points will affect your auto insurance rates. When selling insurance, many companies review drivers’ records and at the slightest indication of risk, raise premium. In fact, in an survey, the typical policyholder’s car insurance premium increases by up to 22% with a single ticket for reckless driving, constituting to 5 points.

How Many Points Does Your NY Driver’s License Have?

It is possible to check the points affixed to your NY driving license via the DMV website. Learn more about checking your license status here. You can learn of the points on your driving record. You can also call up your insurance company for an update on how many points you may have.

Tips for Decreasing Your Points

The slightest offenses such as passenger safety violations involving seat belts and child car safety can be very dangerous for drivers and passengers. In order to make the driver realize the gravity of the situation, safety violations like the ones mentioned above carry 3 points each. For starters, try not to amass points to begin with. And in case you do have an accident, relax! Here are a few ways to decrease those points and remove them from your license.
  1. Wait it out.It takes a few years, mostly 3 years, for the points to be taken away from a driver’s license.
  2. Go to traffic school. Non-stop 5 hour driving lessons and single driving lessons are all great for refreshing your driving education. Some driving instructors also offer 8 hour classes, which can easily eliminate up to 2 points at a time.
  3. Take a defensive driving class. Enrolling and attending these can not only help reduce points, but also reduce your insurance rate. These classes are particularly focused on teaching accident-preventing techniques.
Finally, whether or not you have points on the driving license, it is a smart idea to get defensive driving classes for your family’s benefit. Drive Rite Academy is one of the most affordable driving schools in Brooklyn NY.
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