How To Drive Safely Brooklyn Winter

By Simon
The winter months in Brooklyn can be the most dangerous months for driving. To help you drive safely in the winter, is it suggested to purchase winter driving blades, clean your headlights, and check your tire pressure. It is also a good idea to have emergency road side assistance handy, just in case you need it. When driving in Brooklyn in the winter, it is wise to accelerate slowly and steadily and to maintain control over your vehicle when driving over snow, and especially ice. Check out this video to see these winter tips in action. To read more information about winter driving in Brooklyn, check out our blog about winter safety tips. At Drive Rite Academy, our highly knowledgeable instructors will provide you or your child with the knowledge and skills needed to drive under any road conditions. For more information about the class schedule at our top rated driving school, call us at (718)928-7048. 
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