Get Fear Driving First Time

By Simon
While getting a driver’s license is an exciting occasion for many of us, the thought of actually driving on the road can be quite intimidating for some young drivers. Overcoming this fear of driving is possible, but it’s a long winding process that helps people better deal with the anxiety. The fear can be debilitating and in some situations, it can be downright paralyzing resulting in dangerous on-road situations. This is why it is important to deal with the fear of driving head-on. Here’s how our experts at Drive Rite Academy suggest it is done:

Get on the Road: Face the Fear

Easier said than done, right? We realize that the fear can get so bad that even the thought of getting into a driver’s seat can induce anxiety. But it is important to act in spite of this fear. Keep getting behind the wheel, and as your driving skills improve, the anxiety will disappear as well. The more you avoid driving, the worse the anxiety will get. You will always second guess your driving skills.

Don't Add to Your Apprehension

Drive responsibly and everything you are anxious about automatically takes a backseat. Be careful of the speed limit, use the indicator lights before turning, check your blind spots and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Do not contribute to your fear by being a careless driver.

Practice in Safe Areas

Find an area with slow traffic and make several rounds to really get the feel of your car, how you handle it and how your surroundings respond to the way you drive. Then make your way to the main street once you are more comfortable. When driving becomes boring, monotonous and easy, that’s when your anxiousness will have subsided.

Practice the Power of Your Mind

Be mindful of self and surroundings. Notice what triggers the anxiety, fear, tension and stress. The faster you become aware of these feelings, the easier it will be to talk yourself out of them. Mindfulness is about being attentive to your moods and condition. Gripping the steering wheel too hard or shaking at the thought of changing lanes? Learn to control these emotions and stress levels. Here at Drive Rite Academy, we have experienced and expert driving instructors who work with young drivers teaching safe driving techniques. Learn more about our available driving classes and enroll now.
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