Facts Fiction Driving Myths Getting Busted

By Simon
When you’re considering taking driving lessons in Brooklyn or Manhattan NY, it can feel like you already have all of the information that you need.  From watching your parents, and even television and movies, it can seem like there is nothing out there that you’re not prepared for when you take your driving test. Unfortunately, there is a whole realm of misinformation and myths that are commonly accepted and taught by drivers out on the road today.  Don’t wait until your driving lessons in Bronx NY to get correct information. Start learning about driving myths right now! Myth: You should tailgate to make slow drivers speed up.
  • Contrary to popular belief, this practice is not recommended for safe driving. While getting stuck behind a slow driver is frustrating, aggravating other drivers can contribute to a more unsafe environment, and can get you in an accident. Many times, drivers will slow down even more because of their frustration or confusion with your tailgating.  Other drivers may even try to “teach you a lesson”, and purposely go slower or pump their brakes, which can also cause you to rear-end them.  If you are concerned about a driver in front of you going to slow, look for options for safely passing them, or consider taking a different route to your destination.
Myth: Both flashing yellow andflashing red lights indicate that you need to come to a complete stop.
  • Both of these situations indicate different things, and should not be treated in similar ways. A flashing yellow light, similar to a yield sign, means to proceed with caution. This type of light does not mean that you need to come to a complete stop, but you should drive slowly and be very alert. If the situation indicates that it is unsafe to proceed without coming to a complete stop first, then you should stop, but pay attention to what’s around you. In comparison, a flashing red light doesindicate that you need to come to a full stop in every circumstance.
Myth: Seatbelts and airbags cause more injury than help.
  • Many laws that are being passed in individual states are constantly disputed based on this invalid claim. Years of research has proven that seatbelts can potentially give you a 45% increased chance of living through an accident.  Airbags in the last few years have contributed to saving 8,000 lives.  While using seatbelts and airbags isn’t a guarantee against injury in car accidents, they will definitely improve your chances of staying out of harm’s way.
Learning is a lifelong pursuit, but when you’re out on the road, you want to make sure you understand the basics. Drive Rite Driving School can help you get on that road with confidence. Call us today toschedule an appointment!
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