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Beginner Drivers

For a beginner, learning how to drive may seem like an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. With the wrong instruction, it very well could be. At Drive Rite Academy, we understand how it feels and that’s why we offer three packages that are perfectly suited for beginners that allow you to learn at your own pace. Our ten-lesson Gold Package, fifteen-lesson Chrome Package, and premium twenty-lesson Platinum package plans are great for students who’ve never had professional lessons behind the wheel before and who are serious about passing their road test and being safe on the road. Our DMV – certified instructors are extensively trained to work with even the most nervous of students, and they will meticulously go over every detail with you, guiding you through the steps that you need to take as soon as you’re in the car and before you even put the key into the ignition. This includes everything from adjusting your mirrors, accessing the gas and brake pedals comfortably, to understanding the function and purpose of the symbols and gauges that you see on the dashboard. By the time you’ve finished your first lesson, you’ll be much more confident – and it only gets easier from there!

License Holders

New York City’s public transit system serves 4 million people every day. That’s why a lot of New Yorkers don’t bother driving after they pass their road test, because it’s easier to just hop on a bus or train and not deal with traffic and the hassle. If you’re not actively driving after you pass your road test however, you risk forgetting what you learned as the years pass. Driving is a skill; if you neglect it, it will become more difficult to start again. At Drive Rite Academy, we offer Pass Plus classes and highway lessons that are exclusively tailored for licensed drivers. With Pass Plus classes, students re-learn how to feel confident again behind the wheel and learn not only the basics of driving but how to drive for life. We help you check your car’s oil levels, teach you how to change a flat tire and check the tire pressure, park on any side of the street or a parking lot, and learn how to drive in adverse weather conditions. Our highway lessons are ninety minutes long, and they are given both during the daytime and at night to help you feel confident when you eventually drive by yourself on the highway for the first time.

Expedited Road Test Appointments

The standard timeframe required to take your road test after the completion the 5 – Hour Prelicensing Course is 6 – 8 weeks. If you would like your appointment sooner, we offer an expedited road test service and the rush package. Rush Road tests are guaranteed by Drive Rite Academy within a 3-week timeframe or less, or your money back. Rush road test appointments that are scheduled with a car from our school are usually reserved in Brooklyn, but we may also reserve appointments at other test sites such as Queens and Staten Island. If you do not require a car, we are able to book you in any test site within New York State. For an expedited road test appointment, make sure to provide us with your limitations and we will book you based on your preference. If you cannot take the test on the day that we have scheduled you, we can simply re-schedule you for a more appropriate date. Rush packages include a car, an expedited appointment, and two driving lessons to give you a boost before your test.

Foreign Drivers

Foreign drivers that have been on the road for years and even decades in other countries may assume that they are ready to pass the road test in New York. Upon applying for a permit however, they learn that they must go through the entire process and that can be frustrating. Trust us, going through the process isn’t something bad. Research shows that drivers accumulate bad habits over the years, and they may not realize that they can potentially fail the test with maneuvers that they think are okay. One example of this is how they hold the steering wheel. Examiners can tell if you are a seasoned driver and will not hesitate to add points during the test run if you fail to adhere to the rules and maneuver the car appropriately. Do not risk failing your road exam and taking it more than once; we offer packages with foreign drivers in mind. The Rush Package comes with an expedited road test appointment, a car for the test, and two driving lessons that you can take right before the exam. That way, you can brush up on what you need to practice, take a “mock” road test that one of our senior instructors can give you to evaluate your performance, and with a combination of your experience and our expertise, we will help you pass the test on your very first try.

Driver Support

We have met thousands of students over the years and we recognize that no two are exactly alike. Some students need more support and assistance than others due to nervousness behind the wheel, and require intensive driving instruction that allows them to learn at their own pace. This may take longer than the standard 6 – 8 week period. For this reason, we have included a series of lesson bundles that are solely meant for additional support. These bundles do not come with any other services other than driving lessons, so that you can completely focus on your driving and take intensive, back-to-back lessons with one of our senior instructors. The instructors will identify the weak spots in your driving; and will go over particular maneuvers as many times as are needed until you get it right. These instructors will give you lessons without the added pressure of training for a road test to help prepare you for whatever obstacle that you may face during your driving experience. We go through every detail and make sure that you receive the training and support that you need to feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel – no matter how long it takes.

Teen Drivers

According to the CDC, teen drivers between the ages of 16 – 19 are three times more likely to get into fatal car accidents than any other age group. Males are more likely to get into accidents than females, and the likelihood increases if they have teenagers with them in the car or if they have just obtained a license. Teenagers crave independence, and one of the first steps towards adulthood is obtaining their license so this privilege must be taken seriously. This is why we work with teen drivers intensively, and our instructors are trained to teach them not only the basics of the road, but also about the responsibility that they hold towards themselves and others when it comes to driving. From learning about the most common distractions that they face while driving to teaching teenagers about what can happen if they text and drive, our instructors ensure that teenagers strive to be the best and most attentive drivers that they can be, anytime they happen to be behind the wheel.

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