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Office located at 38 W 32nd St #1306, New York, NY 10001 (by appointment only)                                   Drive Rite Academy provides services in the Manhattan area of New York City. 

Driving Lessons in  Manhattan NYC Coming Soon!

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Downtown Brooklyn

Conveniently bordering Manhattan, Downtown Brooklyn offers easy access for driving lessons with its diverse roadways and proximity to the city's key landmarks.


Forest Hills, Queens

Positioned close to Manhattan and well-connected by public transit, Forest Hills delivers a serene suburban driving environment amidst its tree-lined streets.


Staten Island

Just a ferry ride away from Manhattan, Staten Island provides a unique blend of urban and suburban driving experiences, making it ideal for comprehensive lessons.


Find the lesson time that is right for you, select your booking date & time, and you are ready to go! Customer service at its finest.

Recommended Services

5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class


Our 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Course is educational and fun. This is a mandatory course for anyone looking to obtain a NY Driver's License.

Driving Lessons

$60-95 / 45 - 90 min

One - on -one driving lessons with a patient and friendly instructor, to help you sharpen your driving skills and  become a better driver.

Road Test Services

$25-150 / Appointment

Regular or rush? You choose how soon you want your driving test! Our professional team will help you along the way!

Road Test Sites NEAR Manhattan New York

There are no DMV road test sites in Manhattan, New York. However, there are several road test sites located near Manhattan in other boroughs of New York. Some of the closest road test sites to Manhattan include:

Riverdale Auto Road Test Site

North Side of West 234th Street - between Bailey Avenue and Broadway

The Bronx, NY, 10473

Havemeyer Avenue Auto & Motorcycle Road Test Site

This site is on the west side of Havemeyer Avenue between Randall and Cincinnatus Avenues, facing Cincinnatus Avenue

The Bronx, NY, 10473

Why Choose Drive Rite Academy Driving School Manhattan 



Our certified driving instructors will help develop a customized driving lesson plan just for you, as your skills develop. We are able to assist anyone, regardless of where they start, with a unique learning experience. 



Our online booking system allows you to quickly and easily schedule your lessons at your convenience. In addition, you are able to cancel, move, and adjust your lessons based on your needs. You can even choose your instructor. 



Our cars are modern, clean, and fitted with extra safety features to keep you safe during your lesson.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing industry.

About Drive Rite Academy Driving School Manhattan

 We have been in business since 2014, providing high-quality drive school services to all of New York City. 

Drive Rite Academy stands as a beacon of premier driving education in the heart of Manhattan, NY. Our driving school embodies the spirit of Manhattan's fast-paced environment, ensuring each student is equipped to handle the dynamic streets of this iconic city. Offering a range of meticulously crafted packages, including the essential pre-licensing 5-hour class, we cater to the diverse needs of our Manhattan-based learners. Whether you're a young adult, a seasoned driver needing a refresher, or someone new to the US driving rules, Drive Rite Academy is your trusted partner on the road.

Our instructors, with years of experience under their belts, understand the complexities of Manhattan's grid system, its bustling avenues, and quieter neighborhoods. Each lesson is tailored to not just impart driving skills, but also to instill a sense of confidence and responsibility that's paramount when navigating through Manhattan's unique traffic challenges.

Drive Rite Academy Driving School, located in the vibrant metropolis of Manhattan, NY, exemplifies excellence in driving instruction that's attuned to the city's distinct character. Since our inception in 2014, we have been unwavering in our commitment to produce drivers who are not only skilled but also safety-conscious. We take pride in the countless successful road tests our students have achieved, a testament to our exceptional instructors and the quality of our training.

Embark on your driving journey in New York City with Drive Rite Academy. Schedule your driving lesson today!

About Manhattan Driving Lessons

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City, and is the most densely populated of the boroughs while also geographically being the smallest. As a busy city with so much to see, it is a great place to get to know by car.  Driving in New York City, particularly in Manhattan can be intimidating, but with the help of Drive Rite driving instructors, you will learn everything you need to know. Having the ability to drive in Manhattan is really helpful, and will come in handy as a person who lives in or near the city. With Drive Rite, you will learn to navigate yourself through New York City by car in order to pass your road test, receive your driver’s license, and become a confident driver. Drive Rite Academy offers different packages you can choose from for lessons so you can be prepared for your test, as well as the mandatory 5-hour class.

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