Dmvs Mandatory 5 Hour Pre Licensing Course Include

By Simon

According to the DMV guidelines, every driving license candidate must pass a 5-hour pre-driving license mandatory program to qualify for a full licensure. As a registered driving school, we provide our clients with complete guidelines and education on how to clear the MV-278or pre-licensing program. Students often confuse the pre-license program with regular licensing classes which is a misconception. Here are few salient features of the pre-licensing course:

Pre-Licensing or 5 Hour Course

As the name suggests, this is a mandatory course for driving students. Every student has to complete this 5-hour long course before they can take a road test. In this program, students learn important information on how to drive safely.

For instance, this program allows them to learn basic driving tips and skills so that when they appear in the full program, they are well acquainted with the challenges they might face on the road. The course is duly certified by the New York State Education Department and can be taught to students by approved driving schools and institutions. We at Drive Rite Academy are fully authorized to provide our candidates with complete 5-hour education concerning basic road safety tips, the basic understanding of road signs and symbols among other preliminary driving tips. Keep in mind that only teachers that are certified by DMV are allowed to teach this program.

What Does the Course Include?

All preliminary tips and education that fresh licensing candidate should know are included in this program. The course can only be conducted by a DMV certified driving licensing school such as Drive Rite Academy. Moreover, our qualified instructors are well acquainted with the requirements of the program so they are legally qualified for teaching the MV 278 course. Our 5-hour pre-license programincludes the following:

  • Fundamental defensive driving techniques
  • Basic familiarity with road safety
  • Understanding driving with alcohol consumption and its dangers
  • Question answer session between teachers and students

In short, this program is the perfect tool to tune fresh driving students into driving mode. It allows them to prepare themselves of what challenges and hurdles they may be facing while driving. There is no age limit so any candidate, regardless of their age, can take part in it.

If you are looking to take 5 hour driving license lessons in Brooklyn,choosing us will make it easy for you to enter into the full licensing course with ease. For more information on our pre-licensing program, call now at 718-928-7048.

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