By Simon
Driving Tips
Many New Yorkers look on Staten Island as the "forgotten borough." Most of the attention goes to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, but Staten Island can hold its own in many respects. It may be a bit more difficult to get there than the other four boroughs, but residents, as a whole, enjoy their little island.
But driving there may not be the most enjoyable part of the lifestyle. After all, with just one train servicing the borough and spotty bus service, taking to the roads is an important part of everyday life. And with more than 140,000 cars registered on the island, well...you see the dilemma.
New drivers should be on the lookout for a couple of trouble spots on Staten Island.
First, always be cautious in the auxiliary lanes. These lanes are not meant to allow drivers to cut onto a highway, speed to the end and then slash back onto the highway. Use them to slowly merge on and off highways, thus avoiding dangerous collisions and
other hazardous driving situations.
Next, always avoid driving on the road shoulders, as many Staten Islanders seem to do. A prime example of this dangerous practice can at times be seen at Narrows Road North, just past the traffic light at Richmond Road.
Be smart. Don't drive up the left shoulder there because you will be side-to-side with other cars leaving the Staten Island Expressway at the Clove Road exit. You can get stuck between the service road's left and middle lanes. Not a good place to be.
Best advice: Learn the best way to safely navigate these roads by taking lessons with an experienced driving instructor. Like the ones you'll find at Drive Rite Academy. There are no shortcuts to safe, intelligent driving.
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