Common Driving Mistakes Teen Drivers Make

By Simon
It’s no secret that getting their first driver’s license is just about one of the most important things in a teenager’s life. This is why it is crucial that every teenage driver is made aware of the different mistakes they could make while driving. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, teenage drivers are four times more likely to be in a road accidents than older adults, even if they’ve aced their rush road test. So to make sure that your teens drive in a safe way, we are going to discuss some of the common driving mistakes they make and what we can do to prevent them.

How to Avoid these Teen Driving Mistakes


For an inexperienced driver, the instinct to know when to speed up and when to slow down or completely stop is slow. Whereas older drivers would be used to the road, an inexperienced driver will lack the right reflexes to brake or accelerate when needed. It is important for teenagers to know that driving is not something that you can rush into, figuratively and literally. Following the speed limits and obeying the posted traffic signs can help you hone your driving skills and give you better road experience. Remember that if someone else is speeding, they either have more road experience than you, or it’s possible that theyare engaging in risky road behavior.

Not Wearing a Seatbelt

This is very common in incidents where a teenage driver was behind the wheel. You need to remember that your seatbelt is there for a reason. Do not overestimate your driving abilities and think that you can drive safely without the assistance of a seatbelt. Seatbelts are designed to keep you in your seat in case your car meets an accident. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, their studies in Motor Vehicle Safetyindicate that seatbelts save thousands of lives each year, with a total number of 13,000 lives saved in 2009 alone.

 Taking Unnecessary Risks

This includes not following the turn signals, being distracted while driving, talking on the phone or texting while driving, neglecting blind spots, driving while feeling tired and driving under the influence among others. While being a teenage driver who is in charge of driving the car might seem exhilarating, it is crucial that the driver knows that they are not only responsible for their own life, but also for those around them. And that includes any fellow passengers in the car and the vehicles sharing the road.

Driving with Fellow Teenage Passengers

It’s not a problem if you’re driving around town with your friends, but this situation can take a turn for the worse if the extra passengers cause the teen driver to drive more erratically. According to the NIH, a study showed that teens of both genders speed more (breaking the speed limit by 15 mph or more) while driving with fellow teens. The reason why this is situation occurs is because the driver gets distracted because they’re carrying too many passengers, which can thus lead to serious consequences. This is why it is recommended that a car with a teenage driver should only carry passengers if there is a responsible adult present with them. For those seeking to secure their driving learner’s permit in Brooklyn, the most reliable option is the Drive Rite Academy. We have some of the most experienced instructors on our team who are dedicated to helping you become professional drivers! So if you’re seeking professional driving help, give us a callto learn more about how we can help.
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