Common Distractions Avoid

By Simon

Eating and Drinking

It doesn't sound like eating and drinking while driving is a big deal, but looking down to grab your cup of soda or taking your hand off the wheel to take a bite of that sandwich is distracting enough to cause a serious accident. If you absolutely must eat, then pull over safely at an appropriate location to finish your meal.

Applying Makeup and Grooming Yourself

 Most cars usually come with vanity mirrors. (The little mirror on the inside portion of your sun visor) That doesn’t mean you should be applying makeup or shaving your face as you go down the highway. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and use that time to take care of hygiene.

Driving while Sleep Deprived Its no joke when people say that driving sleepy is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Closing your eyes for just a few seconds can result in a serious car crash. Pull over at a rest stop and catch some Z’s if you must. Using the vehicles infotainment system too frequently. Its no secret that vehicles these days have loads of technology in them, which can lead to a lot of distractions. The technology itself is not a bad thing, but fiddling around with the touchscreen in the center dash while you drive isn't safe. Keep the electronics use minimal. That includes cell phones and in car entertainment. Newer cars have basic volume and radio controls on the steering wheel itself, so reaching forward to adjust something on the touchscreen shouldn't be necessary most of the time.  

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