Choosing Driving School Brooklyn

By Simon

Getting a drivers license is an important step to independence. With so many options of driving schools in Brooklyn, it is no wonder why people are often confused about how to choose the best school. This decision is a very important one because it will build the foundation of knowledge and skills that you will take with you every time you get behind the wheel. You can make a smarter and more informed choice by following these tips:

Ask for recommendations

A great first step is to ask friends and family for their opinion. Ask them about their experience with the school they choose and why they chose that school. Did they have a positive experience? Would they recommend the school to you? What would they change, if they could? Keep all of these things in mind while you are on your search.

Look for reviews online

Do not just make a big commitment blindly. It is important that you do your own research online. Do a local search to see what comes up in your area. See what other people are saying. Look for positive or negative patterns. If many people are saying that they had a positive experience at a driving school, then it is likely that you will have a similar experience. If you are not satisfied with the results in your area, then branch out. Sometimes it is worth it to travel out of the neighborhood, if it means that you will get better service.

Visit the driving schools

Now you have done your own research, it is time to visit the schools. Make sure that the facility  is neat, clean, and organized. The condition of the facility is usually a good reflection of the driving school. A dirty and dingy office is usually a sign that the driving school is not up to par. One of the next things you should look for is a Driving School License. It should be prominently displayed in the office. Next, you should ask to see the classroom.  Remember, this is where you will be taking the 5 hour pre-licensing course, so you want to make sure that the room is bright, clean, and comfortable.

Ask to see the Cars

Most of your driving instruction will be taking place inside these vehicles, so you definitely want to check  this out. Driving school cars should be in good condition. Newer model cars are preferred due to their advanced safety features. Cars should have a rear-view mirror, exterior side mirrors, and a dual-brake for the instructor. Ask if the cars are properly insured. The cars should also be clearly identified as Student Driver cars. This is to make sure that other drivers know that you are a student driver and to be more cautious (and patient) around you.

Ask about Instructors

Your instructor will be your personal teacher and coach throughout your training. You want to make sure that they are qualified and experienced  to do the job. All instructors should be properly licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. They should also have their Instructor Certificate card with them at all times. You should also make sure that the instructors are friendly and positive when you first meet them. The last thing you want is to take driving lessons with instructors who are inpatient and grumpy.

Ask about Pricing

Cost is a very important consideration when choosing a driving school. However, the best deal may not always be the best choice. With lower prices, you often sacrifice service, and you may end up paying more in the long run if you go with a cheaper school. Driving schools that offer unbelievably low prices often cut corners in other areas, so be mindful of this. Ask your potential driving school if they offer any packages or bundles. Usually, package deals can offer significant savings over individual listed prices.

Remember, you only learn to drive once in your life. Make sure you choose the driving school that will prepare you to be a safe and independent driver for life. We hope that these tips help you with your quest!


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