Change Lanes

By Simon

Changing lanes isn’t as easy as it sounds.  In fact, it can be dangerous at times. Follow these steps to change lanes safely. 1)Check your surroundings and environment, make sure there’s nothing in the way. 2)Activate your turn signal for the whole time you’re switching, don’t just flicker the light once. 3)Check your surroundings again and make sure there is enough space and time for you to make the switch. Also, make sure you aren’t causing traffic by forcing the other cars to hurry up or slow down. 4)Turn into the new lane smoothly with a slight turn, keep your pace or hurry a little bit because slowing down will cause the car behind you to possibly crash into you. 5)Turn off the turn signal, keep up with your speed if you alternated it, and make sure everything is going as planned. There are different techniques of changing lanes, this is just one example. If a teen is doing this and you’re great at it, help them and teach them how to do it properly so they know for the future. Safe drive!

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