Brooklyn Driving Laws

By Simon
There are many new drivers that are driving in Brooklynevery day. Since they are new, they don’t understand the importance of certain laws in driving. All driving laws exist in order to prevent accidents and dangerous situations, so everyone should pay attention to all of them. Here are a few laws that go unnoticed: People usually disregard the rule of speed limits. Speed limit signs are everywhere, but are usually taken as a suggestion, not something mandatory. Going faster then needed or slower then needed can result in accidents. If you’re speeding up and the person in front of you is following the speed limit, you may crash into them. If you’re slowing down and the person behind you is following the speed limit, they may crash into you unintentionally. Keeping the right speed limit can help you stay safe. Stop signs are being ignored constantly on the roads. Many people in Brooklyn find it an unimportant sign and just drive by it without actually stopping. This leads to most accidents, just because a driver does not take notice of this sign. Functioning lights are not brought as much attention as they should be. Functioning lights help you see where you are going and help others see you, which helps them know where to go or where to turn. Broken headlights and taillights are usually just left alone, which makes driving less safe. Many people use their phones while driving. Many people think that they can focus on the road and look at their phone at the same time. However, this is not true and results in many accidents. This is why many states and areas have banned texting/calling when driving. If you need to communicate with someone, pull over and make a stop in a safe area, then do what you have to do. Driving under the influence is very common. Many think it is okay if they drive while drunk or while taking drugs. They think they can handle it, but they’re just risking their lives in that situation. The driver may dose off and get into a serious accident, which benefits no one. Don’t drive when you know you can’t control your actions.

Follow these rules and your driving experience should be safe and easy!

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