Smartphones On Wheels

By Simon

   The next generation of Audi and Tesla automobiles will follow the concept referred as the “connected car,” that will convert cars from mindless machines to intelligent gadgets, just like smartphones according to CNN Money. Audi and Tesla struck a deal this year with AT&T that will allow the cars to connect to its wireless network (the same one currently used by phones, tablets, and computers). Audis will be on 4G LTE, while Teslas will operate on 3G. Audi cars will be able to connect to 7,000+ internet radio stations and will read content like news, Facebook posts and Tweets out loud. People will also be able to stream high definition videos by connecting to the cars wifi. Tesla models will use AT&T to show engine diagnostics, browse the web, and connect to many radio options via the cars 17 inch touchscreen.

There are rising questions on whether these changes add to or go against distracted driving.Glenn Lurie,  AT&T’s head of emerging devices, said the company will limit visual distractions to passengers. Drivers can keep eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel because they only need to use their voice to communicate with the car. Also, dashboard screens will serve to help drivers navigate without having to hold their smartphone in their hands. However, there is the argument that even though we are not using our hands, our minds are still distracted, and this can be very dangerous.

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