Role Model Teen Driving

By Simon

Teens look up to their parents for support and guidance, it is to no surprise that a parent’s driving habits are an influential factor in determining how safely a teen drives. Driving habits can be learned starting from as early as the pre- teen years. It is important to start talking to your child about safe driving practices and their importance as early as possible. As the phrase “monkey see , monkey do” says, majority of the behavior that we practice is learned. Because teens see their parents as teachers, it is important for parents to behave as they would want their child to act. This is very essential when it comes to driving safety. As role models for your teens it is important that you practice these safe driving habits:

  • Always use a seatbelt while driving

  • Never use your cellphone or other electronic devices while driving

  • Practice good driving manners, avoid tailgating and other unsafe driving habits which have to potential to lead to road rage

  • Avoid road rage

  • Speeding should be avoided at all costs, stay within the posted speed limits especially when your teen is present in the vehicle.

  • While rolling through a stop may be tempting, a stop sign means stop. Teens need to stop first , then look and decide to proceed . So do you.

  • Don’t race against the yellow lights, remember yellow signals for you to slow down not speed up.

  • Use your signals, it helps other drivers on the road know of your future actions.
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