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By Simon
It’s pretty much a fact of life that phones and driving don’t mix well. However, checking our smartphones is now second nature to millions of Americans. We check Facebook, tweet a little, use Snap Chat and generally let social media distract us every minute of every hour. However, the dangers of being online all the time can escalate quickly for young drivers. Tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets distract when the driver should be paying attention on the road. More than 8 people die, and 1,161 are injuredin crashes in the United States every day. All these cases have one thing in common: these reportedly involve a distracted driver.

Distracted Driving Activities According To The DMV!

Using a phone isn’t the only thing that can distract you. If used improperly, even in-vehicle technologies such as navigation systems, can be a source of distraction. Other potentially hazardous activities include eating while driving and listening to excessively loud music. In fact, anything can be a distraction if it makes you as a driver:
  • Take your eyes off the road,
  • Take your hands of the steering wheel,
  • Take your mind off driving and keeping an eye on the surroundings

Smartphone and Tablet Related Illegal Activities

If a driver is caught in any of the following activities, there will be some hefty fines to pay for:
  • Playing games
  • Sending, receiving or taking pictures
  • Sending, receiving or writing messages, emails, SMS etc.
  • Looking at electronic data or websites
  • Talking on a cell phone
All the above actions make it possible for the DMC to give you a ticket and add points to your license. Collect 11 points on your license in 18 months or less, and your NY driver’s license is automatically suspended. To learn more about the Point system, take a look at the NY Driver Point System.

Exceptions to the Law

Talking on a handheld phone is only allowed in case of an emergency. So dialing 911, fire and police personnel if you see an accident on the road does not mean you have violated the law. You are also allowed to use a hands-free attachment to talk on the phone. Our expert driving instructors offer definitive driving lessons and resources for students in Brooklyn. Book your driving lessonshere or get in touchwith us for more information.
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