Beginner Drivers

By Simon

Beginner drivers are new to the road, and so may encounter certain difficulties on the road. Enrolling your student in an excellent driving school can help them overcome any problems they may come across.

Here are 5 common obstacles beginners may face while on the road:

Changing lanes

Changing lanes is a difficult task for many beginners. An important part of changing lanes is checking where your blind spot is, and when to check it. Slowing down helps when practicing your lane changes.

Maintaining speed

When on the road, be sure to keep track of your speed. Going too slow or too fast can cause a hazardous situation for other drivers, and can also distract them. Learn to stay within the given speed limit.


Being aware is an important element of driving. You should “scan” your surroundings for anything that can get in the way of your concentration. Look for many things such as signs, lights, and of course, other drivers you may stumble upon.

Backing up

Be very cautious when backing up. Check your blind spot carefully and have full awareness of your car to avoid terrible consequences.  


Pay close attention to any stop signs you see. To ensure safety for everyone, you must follow the signs even if there are no drivers around.  

All of these tips should help you better and be more aware.

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