Answers 7 Frequently Asked Questions Defensive Driving Courses

By Simon
In recent years, advances in automotive safety features as well as the transparency of highway statistics have led to an upsurge in the interest in defensive driving and the skills that surround it. Everyone wants to drive like an action hero. However, this is not advisable. Defensive driving saves money and lives, and even online courses can have substantial results. What is a defensive driving course? The skills used in defensive driving are intended to allow the driver to act and react in the safest possible way for themselves and others on the roadway. A 2012 report from the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) states that this style is intended to save drivers money, namely through preventing accidents. Why might I need/want to take a defensive driving course? If you've found that you're anxious or wary when you're behind the wheel, you might be a good candidate for a defensive driving course. These courses can help inexperienced drivers, long-time license holders, and anyone looking to brush up on their skills. Typically, how long is a defensive driving course? The length of time required for a standard defensive driving course varies from state to state. For example, the online defensive driving course NYoffered by Drive Rite Academy is 320 minutes. These courses can be exited and re-entered at any time, allowing the tester to space the course out over a longer period of time if needed. What are the requirements for taking a defensive driving course? Any currently licensed driver can take a defensive driving course if they so wish. There are no special requirements for eligibility when it comes to defensive driving courses. How many times can I take a defensive driving course? An online defensive driving course NY can be retaken by participants every 36 months. Does taking a defensive driving course remove a ticket from my driving record? Dependent on the state, defensive driving courses may remove points from your record. Before signing up for a course because you're trying to cut down on points, it is important to check your state's policy on point removal. How will I know if I am eligible to take a defensive driving course? Every currently licensed driver is eligible to take defensive driving courses at Drive Rite Academy. Regardless of whether you get anxiety from driving or just want to improve your skills, take advantage of these lessons.
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