6 Essential Checks Before Hitting the Road

By Jessica

Before you rev up your engine and embark on your journey, let's talk about the checklist every driver needs to swear by. Think of it as your pre-flight inspection – a series of checks that ensure your ride is not just roadworthy but also set for a smooth and safe adventure. As your trusted driving companion, I'm here to guide you through the 6 essential things you should always check before turning the key.

What are 6 things you should always check before driving your car?

1. Tire Pressure and Condition: Your tires are the unsung heroes of the road. Give them the attention they deserve by checking the tire pressure regularly. Underinflated tires can affect fuel efficiency and compromise handling, so make sure they're inflated to the manufacturer's recommended levels. Additionally, inspect the tire tread for any signs of wear and tear. If it's time for new tires, consider it an investment in your safety.

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2. Fluid Levels: Your car is thirsty, and not just for fuel. Check the fluid levels regularly, including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Adequate levels ensure that your engine runs smoothly, your brakes respond effectively, and your car stays cool under pressure. Want to delve deeper into vehicle maintenance? Discover our comprehensive Packages for a well-rounded education.

3. Lights and Signals: Visibility is the name of the game on the road. Before setting off, ensure all your lights are working correctly – headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and even the often overlooked license plate light. A well-lit vehicle not only keeps you safe but also ensures you're visible to other drivers.

4. Brakes: Your brakes are your best friends when it comes to safety. Check the brake fluid levels and inspect the brake pads for wear. Unusual sounds or a spongy brake pedal could be signs of brake issues that need immediate attention. Trust me, a little brake TLC goes a long way in preventing unwanted surprises on the road.

5. Wipers and Windshield Washer Fluid: A clear view of the road is non-negotiable. Inspect your windshield wipers for any signs of wear, and replace them if needed. Top up the windshield washer fluid to ensure you can quickly clear away dirt, bugs, or unexpected rain showers. A crystal-clear windshield is your window to a safer drive.

6. Battery Health: The last thing you want is a car that won't start. Check your battery for signs of corrosion, ensure the terminals are clean, and have the battery tested periodically. Cold weather can be tough on batteries, so consider this check an extra dose of care during the winter months.

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There you have it – your pre-drive checklist to ensure a hassle-free and safe journey. Think of these checks as your way of saying, "I've got this!" Being a responsible driver means not just enjoying the freedom of the road but also taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and others.

Remember, education is the key to confident driving. Explore our driving lessons and Packages for a holistic approach to driver education. Now, hit the road with confidence and enjoy the ride! Safe travels, my friend.

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