3 Things Need Get Behind Wheel

By Simon
Driving properly involves much more than simply learning the rules of the road or how to control a vehicle. It also involves making sure that you and everyone inside your vehicle are secure before you start the ignition. Whether you’re on the road or taking lessons at a driver school, here are essential tasks that you need to perform every time you get inside a vehicle. Put on Your Seat Belt Immediately after closing the driver's side door, put on your seat belt. This is the single most important thing you can do to assure your own safety. Make a habit of securing your seat belt before you do anything else because if you do it first, it will become automatic. Ensuring that you are wearing your seat belt low across your lap and the shoulder harness properly across your torso will help prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle in the event of a crash. Adjust Your Seat and Steering Wheel Making sure that you are comfortable while driving is essential because you won't be distracted by aches or cramps. Most driver's seats have a number of power adjustments that change the height and pitch of the seat up to eight different ways. You'll also want to make sure that you aren't too close or far away from the steering wheel and that you can easily reach the brake and gas pedals. Adjusting the seat so you are comfortable will make your driving experience more enjoyable, especially on longer rides. Proper seat position is also crucial to the control of your vehicle as well as giving you better vision around your vehicle and down the road. Once you feel comfortable in your seat, adjust your steering wheel. Many vehicles have an adjustment lever underneath the steering column that will allow you to move it for better angle and height. Some may have telescopic steering columns that enable you to position the steering wheeling farther from or closer to the dashboard. Adjust Rearview and Sideview Mirrors Proper position and use of mirrors inside and outside your vehicle is another important task that the instructors at Drive Rite Academygo over. Before you turn on the ignition, make sure that you adjust the rearview mirror, so you can see the entire rear window. Your side mirrors should be positioned so that you can cover your blind spots as much as possible. These are skills that you can only learn with practice. With these tips, you'll be ready to get behind the wheel at our driver school.
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