20 Essential Items Keep Car

By Simon

When it comes to vehicle safety, the primary items drivers think of are the airbags and seat-belt, however having these essential items in your car can help ensure that you are well prepared for all types of occurrences on the road. Check out these 20 essential items, that will keep you and your car safe!

Quick Repairs

1) Spare tire: always have an inflated spare tire in your trunk.  (How to Change a Tire.) 2) Tire jack : a must for when you need to change your tire 3) Tire iron: should be kept along with the spare tire kit 4) Tire pressure gauge: essential for both regular and spare tires, helps keep you updated on the amount of pressure in the tires. 5) Fix-a-flat or any other sealant: when changing the tire with a spare is not an option, tire sealant can be used to provide a quick fix long enough to get you to the nearest repair shop. 6) Jumper Cables: when your car battery dies, jumper cables and a little help from a fellow driver are all you need. (How to Jumpstart Your Car)

Just in Case Situations

7) First Aid Kit: in case of a medical emergency it is great to keep a first aid kit in the trunk. 8) Flashlight & Batteries: be sure to stock up on extra batteries! 9) Map: it's a good idea to have an up-to-date state map. A paper copy ensures you'll be able to find your way if the GPS stops working. 10) Multitool Knife: these handy gadgets contain miniature versions of the tools you’ll need in everyday life. 11) Matches: you never know when you might need a fire! 12) Roadside Flares/Reflection Triangle: it's important to shine some light on yourself when pulled over the roadside. 13) Duct Tape: can provide a temporary quick fix solution for minor car damage. 14) Owner's Manual: will provide you with the necessary information you need to know about your vehicle. 15) Bottled Water: essential in times of hot weather, be sure to change the water periodically as the plastic can erode in periods of high heat. 16) Non-perishable snacks: snacks such as protein or energy bars can become a life-saving snack in the event you become stranded for a long period of time.

Winter Must-Haves

17) Ice scraper : helps get the ice and frost off your windows and windshield. 18) Warm Blanket: should keep you warm if the heater breaks or if you have to spend the night in your car. 19) Cat Litter : pour it in the path of your wheels to help get traction when stuck in a slippery situation. 20) Snow Shovel : a winter must have!    

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