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New York City’s public transit system serves 4 million people every day. That’s why a lot of New Yorkers don’t bother driving after they pass their road test, because it’s easier to just hop on a bus or train and not deal with traffic and the hassle. If you’re not actively driving after you pass your road test however, you risk forgetting what you learned as the years pass. Driving is a skill; if you neglect it, it will become more difficult to start again. At Drive Rite Academy, we offer Pass Plus classes and highway lessons that are exclusively tailored for licensed drivers. With Pass Plus classes, students re-learn how to feel confident again behind the wheel and learn not only the basics of driving but how to drive for life. We help you check your car’s oil levels, teach you how to change a flat tire and check the tire pressure, park on any side of the street or parking lot, and learn how to drive in adverse weather conditions. Our highway lessons are ninety minutes long, and they are given both during the daytime and at night to help you feel confident when you eventually drive by yourself on the highway for the first time.

Driving a car, is not like riding a bike. It takes practice.


DriveRite Academy is dedicated to keeping our roads safe.

Having a drivers license does not ensure that you know how to drive safely or efficiently. We have many students who have had a drivers license for years, but feel as though they need additional instruction for safe travels. Regardless of age, gender, race or creed we treat our students with respect, and ensure their driver competency.

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